We are delighted to announce that the Winchester Litter Pickers have joined our partnership. Founded in 1995, this wonderful group currently has over 40 active volunteers and many more supporters.

Active member and the group’s chairman Eddie Woodnutt said:

“Our focus is in the City. For over 25 years, we have tried hard to make residents proud and give visitors a positive impression. During the summer months we tidy the Outer Close of the Cathedral daily in the late afternoon and on Monday mornings throughout the year we clear the approaches to the railway station.

“Twice a month on Wednesday mornings we clear suburban areas in turn, concentrating on the streets and open spaces near the local shops and in particularly bad black spots. We are very much into recycling, recovering the cans, glass and plastic bottles we collect wherever practicable.

“We are a very sociable group and normally meet up for hot drinks and chats after our litter picks. We also have a very popular annual party.”

Anyone who would like to join the Winchester Litter Pickers, even just for a trial outing, is invited to call Eddie Woodnutt on 07763 558329 or contact the group’s secretary Jan Wood on janpwood@ntlworld.com; or to email tidywinchester@gmail.com.